Lenovo Yoga 910 is in the  Best Buy’s  Top Tech of 2016 List

Gorgeous, nearly bezel-free 13.9 inch display, Intel 7th-gen CPU, Watchband hinge is still the best-looking available,  Snappy keyboard, Strong battery life.
Want to have a laptop and a tablet at the same time? Fret no more and opt to buy 2-in-1 laptop!
The Yoga 910’s flexible watchband hinge is based on 813 individual parts.

The Yoga 910’s design is fantastic.
Power - Lenovo™ invested into pioneering new battery technologies to ensure that it could reach the ideal thinness that customers demanded without compromising on battery life. When it comes to the battery life, Yoga 910 boasts 9 hours of power.

The Yoga 910 uses a completely redesigned fan - larger dimensionally and more efficient than previous models, but lighter and thinner.
The backlit keyboard has a great feel and good layout.
The backlit keyboard has a great feel and good layout.
2-in-1 Lenovo laptop sports a 13.9-inch screen resolution display and houses a 7th generation Core i7 processor.
It can be folded like a tablet, the base is not detachable.

Best Buy Agrees the Yoga 910 is the Perfect Holiday Gift!

It is priced at around $1,878 at Amazon (not affiliate link) :
  • Windows 104K Ultra HD

  • 7th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor

  • 13.9" display

  • 16GB memory

  • 512GB SSD

  • fingerprint reader

  •  touch screen

  • backlit keyboard

  • DVD/CD drive not included

On www.lenovo.com the Yoga 910 starts at $1299.