In the area of  birds typical is:

The little Rooster from the Rocks (Rupicola peruvianus) which is the "National Bird" and is 40 cms. in size. 
It has a read head and dwells in the high jungle.

Andean cock-of-the-rock, also known as tunki (Quechua), is a passerine bird of the cotinga family native to Andean cloud forests in South America.
The aquatic bird "The Diver from Junin", the Andean Condor from the jungle and coast.

Andean Condor

 Andean Condor is Columbian national bird.

Flowers in Peru:

peru flowers

Eight thousand little flowers and six million seeds each one (Ayacucho-Ancash-La Libertad) and the pretty orchids of various colors (jungle and highland)

Animals in Peru: Guanaco (highlands), the Masked Bear, the Vizcacha (highlands) and others.

Fish in Peru:

Notwithstanding the fact that Peru lies in the centre of the Equatorial Line, its coast enjoys a permanent spring weather, because of a current of cold waters - called Humbolt Current - that runs along the sea, giving Peru a great fish wealth, that has turned Peru into the first fishing country of the world for several years.